Apartment folder

Welcome to Levi Alpine Chalets!

Here you will find more information about your apartment’s appliances and other useful information for your holiday. We hope you enjoy your stay with us!


Apartment manuals for instructions how to use sauna, dish washer, kitchen hoover and fire place. Manuals you can see here.

Luggage storage and laundry

Luggage storage is located on the ground floor of Building C (address Hissitie 15), entrance from the right side of the building. To the left of the door is a key box, which opens with code 273, where you can borrow a key card to unlock the door.

In the same room you will find a laundry washing machine for the common use of our clients. The washing machine has a booking calendar in the room and instructions for use. You can access the room with your apartment key card during your stay.

Ski storage and ski maintenance room

Each house has its own ski storage room. In C house on the ground floor, in A, B & E houses near the front door of each apartment,
F & G houses on second floors. In the other apartments near the front door.

The ski storage room is located on the basement floor of house C (Hissitie 15), entrance from the left side of the house. Access with apartment key card.


Firewood in the courtyard of A & B buildings in the garbage canopy, in C, E, F and G buildings in the basement. Other apartments have a firewood storage room next to the front door.

Trash and recycling

Levi Alpine Chalets have their own recycling point at Hissitie 13, in the yard of the wooden cottages. The mixed waste point (grey collection container) is located in the parking area of Hissitie 15.

You can also recycle sorted waste at Levi’s other ecopoints:

  • Front slope: combustible waste, paper, glass and small metal.
  • S-Market: glass, paper and small metal, as well as plastic and cardboard scrap.
  • Others: Visit Levi (Myllyjoentie 2), Nuottirakka (Nuottitie), the crossroads of the heating plant (Lämpötie) and Poron Bensis (Tunturitie 2), where you can take: combustible waste, paper, glass and small metal.

You can find the recycling instructions for the apartments here.


For Levi Alpine Chalets, sustainable development means paying increasing attention to our responsibility as a company. This means, among other things, preserving Lapland’s clean nature by reducing energy and water consumption.

Linen and towels are changed and extra cleaning during the stay is only carried out at the customer’s request. We charge an additional fee for extra cleaning. This practice helps us to significantly reduce the number of bed linen and towel washes, which reduces the environmental impact.

Do your bit for the environment with us!

  • Reducing emissions – Levin Alppitalot is close to everything, so if possible give your car a rest day.
  • Waste sorting and recycling – Sort waste from your apartment and take it to a recycling point.
  • Save energy – Turn off the lights in your apartment when you leave and check that the windows are closed and the extractor fan is on low. Please note that the heating in the apartments is set at +20-22 degrees Celsius.
  • Reduce water consumption – Make sure that water is not leaking unnecessarily from taps and showers, inform staff if you notice any leaking taps or pipes. Fill the dishwasher to the top before switching on the washing programme. Please note that there is a limited amount of hot water in the apartments.
  • We are happy to provide more information about local places to visit and rental services in the area!

Other services and important contacts in the area

In Levi and the surrounding area you will find a wide range of activities, various nature sites, wellness services and restaurants. On the ground floor of the F and G buildings you will find restaurants such as Stefan´s Steakhouse and Colorado Bar & Grill. We are happy to give you tips for your holiday in Levi!

For timetables of the airport bus and buses to Kolari railway station, please visit Tunturilinjat. Other bus connections can be found at Matkahuolto and train connections at VR.

General emergency number 112
Pihlajalinna Medical Centre +358 (0) 10 312 141
Levi Tourist Information +358 (0) 16 639 3378

We’d love to hear how your holiday is going!

It’s important to us that we can help make your holiday a success. We hope that you will let us know of any shortcomings during your holiday, so that we have the opportunity to rectify things while you are here. Please give us a call and we will be happy to help!