Sustainability is an integral part of our everyday business development and long-term goals. Respecting our guests, our employees, and the world around us. Our duty to future generations. 

We invite you to get involved, get informed and give us your feedback and ideas. We want to lead by example, to be at the forefront of sustainability and environmental friendliness now and in the future.

We have received Green Key certificate 16th June 2022 and
Sustainable Travel Finland label 21st June 2023.

Levi Alpine Chalets’ GreenBook

GreenBook of Levi Alpine Chalets explains in detail how we work towards the environment, sustainability and a prosperous community. And how our guests can participate in the traditional spirit of teamwork of Levi Alpine Chalets!

Our responsibility

Nature of Lapland

The pristine nature of Lapland is a treasure that everyone can cherish and take in with all their senses. The preservation of clean and diverse nature is primarily helped by efficiently managing energy and water consumption. Recycling and sorting reduce the need to incinerate waste.

High-quality and long-lasting materials create environmentally friendly interiors. We focus on these issues in maintaining our Chalets and designing future customer experiences. Everyone can participate in the environmental activities of Alpine Chalets, and we share easy instructions for our guests on how to do it.

People around us

Our first-class team is the key to our success, whose satisfaction is as important as our guests. We do everything we can to provide our staff with an inspiring work culture that creates well-being through openness, professional development, and safe work practices.

It is an honor for us to be at the forefront of strengthening the competitiveness and attractiveness of the Levi region. We are developing sustainable and modern tourism practices jointly with other local businesses. We engage in charity work in Lapland and nationally, as per our company’s values, supporting causes dear to our family and staff. 

Domestic quality

Our apartments exude Finnish craftmanship and design vision. When making purchases, we value dedicated and family-owned businesses like ours.

We primarily choose local and domestic suppliers for our services and products. The service attitude, responsible mindset, and actions unite our partners and us.

Developing Lapland sustainably