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Enjoy Your Stay at the Heart of the Mountain Village

In a traditional hotel room one only sleeps, but in the authentic and original Levi Alpine Chalets one comes to live. Quality  chalets are well equipped and full of holiday atmosphere. Wooden panel walls, fireplace and your own sauna all bring special warmth, comfort and luxury to your accommodation.

56 chalets for different demands offer a wide selection of accommodation options from 1-2 person chalets with a sauna up to 15 person chalets. From most of the chalets you can enjoy the beautiful view of Levi Fell.

Pricing of the chalets changes weekly according to Levi’s different seasons. The rates are lower at the beginning of the week than at weekends. Check the availability and reserve your room from the user friendly online shop!

Welcome to spend your dream holiday at the Levi Alpine Chalets!

Lapland luxury

Alpine Stars

Elegant and high-class Alpine Star chalets offer options varying from 2 person hotel room type chalets all the way to 7 bedroom spacious chalets with a glorious view to the front slope. Unique Alpine Stars are part of Levi’s “front row” apartments as the houses are located directly opposite the front slope. Every chalet has a living room with an open kitchen, basic kitchenware, sauna, fireplace (except 2 person chalets) and a balcony, which in almost every apartment offers a view of the front slope.

Alpine Star Chalets consist of Alpine Star C-, F- and G-buildings, all together 28 elegant apartments.

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Alpine Chalets

Cozy and filled with warmth, these Alpine Chalets have 2,3 or 4 bedrooms, a living room with an open kitchen, basic kitchenware, sauna, fireplace and a few of them a balcony with a view of the mountain. These apartments can be considered as the pioneers of Levi centre but they also offer privacy as each chalet has its own entrance. Some of the chalets at Alpine house B also welcome pets.  The chalets were been renewed in 2009 and 2012.

Alpine chalets consist of Alpine A-, B- and E-buildings, all together 14 comfortable apartments.

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Other Accommodation

Versatile row houses are located near the Levi centre, a walk away from the front slope. Easy-living is offered at the row house and log cabin atmosphere for 6-8 persons. The apartments have a living room with an open kitchen, basic kitchenware, sauna and a fireplace.

Our other accommodation options are row houses Aarakka, Tieva and Keloleo.

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